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If you like getting free stuff, extra cash every month and being the first to introduce something new, this is the place for you.

Rewards store

Welcome to the Rewards Store, the only place where you can redeem cool rewards using your Bonus Points.

How to redeem a reward?

  • Step 1 Make sure you have sufficient Bonus Points in your wallet to redeem any specific item.
  • Step 2 Tell us which rewards do you want to redeem via the "Redeem" button below.
  • Step 3 Choose the quantity you want to redeem and check your shipping address before you confirm your request.
  • Step 4 It will take up to 30 days of processing and delivery of your redemption. We will send email updates once it is delivered.

What is Bonus Points (BP) and how to get them?

BP stands for Bonus Points. It shows how much you’ve contributed to the social sharing environment. You will earn 1BP every time you receive your first UV from the Specials you’ve shared.

You will also earn BP for every unique visit when you share Social Good Specials or any Specials that reward BP instead of cash.